Why Probiotics are important for Gut Health


Blend your super symbiotic probiotics along with your morning smoothie.

This week I attended an informative health talk about Gut Health with a leading authority on microbiology with John Ellerman BSc MASM who has been working as a Microbiologist for over 45 years.

I’ve understood the importance of having a healthy gut from my studies of Nutritional Medicine and how this ensures a healthy immune system. It’s nice to be reminded of the unique and special symbiotic relationship and how they play a huge part in our health.  Continue reading

3 Tips to live a Sustainable Lifestyle


What does sustainable living really mean?

To me, it’s choosing to live a lifestyle that is in harmony with the planet. Choosing to make use of the Earth’s resources in a way that is sustainable in the long term. I believe we are the caretakers of the planet for future generations. And, it’s our duty we find ways of living, that ensures we live in a symbiotic relationship with mother earth. 

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5 Tips for a Healthier Plate and Food Inc Review


I recently watched the Food Inc. documentary about where our food really comes from.

It was revealing to discover that a small group of corporations control the food supply in America from production to plate. It’s an in depth and thought provoking documentary which highlights the countless decisions by government regulatory agencies and corporations make which threatens our health and even lives.

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Business Partners

Group Meeting

Here at Modern Day Super Heroes, we’ve been working hard with an ever expanding team of professionals and we are very excited to be putting together a spotlight interview of our business partnerships in Australia and abroad.

This is an opportunity for you to access a range of services that we feel are in-lined with MDSH’s philosophy of clean living.

Upcoming spotlights will include:

  • Beauty Professionals – Makeup Artists, Hairdressers etc
  • Health Practitioners
  • Personal Trainers
  • Photographers
  • Life Coaching Practitioners
  • and more …

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If you would like to partner with us too, feel free to reach out and email merly@moderndaysuperheroes.com

We are going to Europe for an Irish Christmas

Man Backpack

Hi Guys,

We are so excited to share that Modere has finally launched in Europe. Maybe because I’m an Australian and Europe is so far away, I’ve always found Europe very exotic.

For me there is still so many places to visit and discover and I have only been to a few countries in Europe. Now that Modere has launched in Europe, it’s more of a reason to go back and visit more countries.

Unfortunately for my husband, going to Europe isn’t as exciting because his Irish. He’s pretty much explore most of Europe but not with me!

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Europe and creating 10 million healthy homes by helping European families to live clean. If this means I get to visit my Irish family more often, than that would be a bonus.

I am going to have my first Irish Christmas. Paul-Anthony said he cannot wait for me to experience a “real” Christmas. Apparently the Irish do it pretty well. But if you are in Europe, you don’t have to wait to start living clean as Europe is online now.

If anyone here reading this post from green emerald island, please send us an email as we loved to catch up for some tea while we are up there.