Companies like Uber are disrupting Industries through Technology and Positive Customer Experience

Being part of launching a new online retail brand that is set to disrupt the retail and direct sales industries, I was keen to explore other companies who are changing the business landscape and are doing it very well.

How I came Across Uber

Recently at a company convention and the soft launch of the online retail brand I’m involved with, I decided to download the Uber app after a presentation on how Uber is very similar to what we do.

Not knowing what to expect, I found the process quite easy. I simply searched for the free online app to download, opened a free account and requested an Uber driver. I found the technology quite simple to use and very straight forward. It also included features like a GPS of the surrounding Uber drivers near my location, the ability to estimate the cost of the fare and the simplicity of payment through the app without directly exchanging money or my credit card details with the Driver.

I was surprised to be greeted by a friendly Driver. I knew the Driver’s name and looked like before I entered the private vehicle from viewing the Driver’s profile.

Customers Sharing with Friends

The experience was so exciting and new! I was very keen to share my experience with my friends and colleagues by sending them a coupon code with a free ride worth $10. Head over to and use the promo code: ubersuperheroes and check it out for you and benefit from the discount too!

When I shared this promo code to my work colleagues, they were so intrigued; some had already been using Uber and loved the experience. My team leader at work had used the services for her wedding day using Uber Luxury Cars.

What’s Next?

It was a preview of what is to come with what I’m doing now. I am extremely excited about being part of group of people who are going to be the cornerstone of launching this online retail brand due to launch in Australia very soon. By using the same smart technology and promoters who are like Uber drivers, we are set to disrupt the retail and direct sales industry and having fun in the process.

What to be part of the shift? Email us at

Till next time!


Mini Diamond Merly


Creating a Team Requires Making Time for Each Other

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

To create a team, requires making time for each other. So outside of business time, it’s important to make the time for each other.

This is some of the Modern Day Super Heroes hanging out at a Friday night at the Bavarian Bier Cafe.


Mini Diamond Merly

Building a Business in Service of Others

The Team at the Australian Convention February 2015.

The Team at the Australian Convention February 2015.

I was hearing a quote at a recently business conference and it was “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

This was the foundation of why Paul-Anthony and I decided to create a team called the Modern Day Super Heroes. It means being your own super hero and making a difference in other people’s lives.

This is a picture of our Modern Day Super Heroes Team in Australia. Not only are they unique and amazing individuals but they have made a personal commitment to be of service of others.

“What a team. How wonderful to know a bunch of awesome like minded people as me… I used to think I was the only one. I thank the universe for giving me the sign I needed to take me to where I needed to be.” – Liza

Make today count!

Merly x

Mini Diamond Merly

Success Leaves Clues

Overwhelmed. Didn’t realise our business had grown that much to deserve so much recognition. A big thank you to our team. We love and appreciate you so much. Thank you! – Kelly-Anne, Multiple Award Winners

“Long ago, I realised that success leaves clues, and that people who product outstanding results do specific things to create those results.” – Tony Robbins

Kelly Anne and Tim

Kelly Anne and Tim


I want to furk with you



We have those people in our lives who say … “you work alot.” Ha! That’s because some of them are in a job they hate or not passionate about, tired of long hours, get little pay and surrounded by people they dislike. No wonder why they can’t fathom “working” as much as we appear.

The unfortunate thing bout being a social entrepreneur is choose to build our business with our closest friends. We spend 95% of the time socialising, 5% doing admin things like uploading photos and a bit of serious stuff too.

But what I’ve come to noticed is how much our team constantly tell us, how grateful and how much they appreciate being part of this family.

So yes! We furk alot, so come furk with me baby!”

Fun + Work = Furk




Hugs Merly

Feeling Grateful

Merly and Paul-Anthony

Merly & Paul-Anthony

We are truly, truly opportunity rich and immensely blessed with the personable and intimate support from our executive team at Corporate, from our multitude of mentors and all of you in our lives to trust us, support us, partner with us and spread our world changing message with us. This weekend I spoke less words than I’ve ever spoken in a weekend before. Almost overwhelmed with a feeling of belonging. A sense of home. And sharing our goosebumps vision for the millions of people are we committed to creating meaningful connections and life changing health & lifestyle with has just gotten even more exciting.

3 and a half years now partnering with the largest healthy homes company that helped me overcome my health issues that I suffered since childhood. If you can’t see the passion, determination and opportunity in our eyes, you’re not looking. For those of you who have been watching us, or sitting on the fence, it’s time. Call us and lets chat big love to all of you in our lives. After all without love and friendshiping and partnering, what’s the point!


Best Friends make the Best Business Partners

Merly and Liza

Merly and Liza

Having one of your best friend’s as your business partner has got to be the best thing ever because you get to design your life with the people you care most about.

I was watching an interesting video the other day and it was a parody of employment. So I’m going to recreate it for sh*ts and giggles in a shorter version.

A really good friend calls up to tell her Liza that she has a really good opportunity and wanted to tell her friend all about it. So her friend Liza says “tell me more!”

Merly then goes on to say, “well it’s a great company and you will be working around 40 hours per week minimum. Sometimes there are late nights but it’s really rare, other than that the hours are good as you get an hour lunch break.”

Liza said “can I choose the hours I work?”

Merly said she couldn’t choose the hours because it had to between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

“How much will I get paid.” Liza asked.

“The salary is pretty good Liza, you’re looking at around $60,000 pa and there is opportunities for promotions as the company is growing and expanding” said Merly.

Liza didn’t seem very convinced. But because Merly sounded so excited about it, she thought it was worth to keep listening.

“Can I work the 40 hours from home so I don’t have to travel?” Liza asked.

“No you have to go to the office 5 days per week.”

“Does the company pay for me to travel to the office?”

Merly replied “no you have to make your own way there, but don’t worry the office is really close to where you live.”

“Can I claim it as a tax expense?”


Liza paused. Trying to work out numbers. She figured it would be a 50 hour week including travel time, she’d have to go to an office 5 days per week for about $60,000 pa minus travel costs. Liza was still not convinced, it sounded like a lot of work for such little pay.

Merly couldn’t see why Liza wasn’t jumping for joy about this job opportunity. “So what do you think Liza?” she asked.

Liza still trying to find a sliver lining in all of this, asked Merly about the promotions. If Liza spent 50 hours a week getting to and from work, working as hard as possible and getting paid $60,000 pa minus travel expenses would this guarantee a promotion?

Merly starting to feel frustrated and said “well Liza, there is no guarantee of a promotion because you would be competing with internal staff as well as external staff but you’ll be in for a really good chance if you work hard for 5-7 years!”

” Wait a minute ….If I’m going to be working with other people do I at least get to choose who I work with and be part of the recruitment process?” 

“No because you are not a manager.”

“So you are telling me that I would need to work 50 hours a week including travel time, I would need to work really hard for 5-7 years to get a promotion but it’s not guaranteed. Lastly I have to work in an office from 9-5pm and work with people I might not even like!” …. Liza paused and they said ” thanks Merly but I’m happy being an entrepreneur, choosing the people whom I work and associate with, to work where and went I want, to decide what income I like and give myself a promotion in proportion to the effort I put in.”

So the moral of the story is, often we worry about speaking to people about the opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur because we don’t have enough belief in what we offer. As someone who use to work in Recruitment and as cliche as this may sound, I much prefer being an entrepreneur and offering people the opportunity to be their own boss building their own dreams rather than someone else’s.

Hope you liked the story!

Hugs Merly

Mini Diamond Merly

The future leaders of Social Retail

Paul-Anthony, Merly, Kim & Anton

Paul-Anthony, Merly, Kim & Anton

Hi Guys,

We have just returned from one of the biggest events of 2015. I look forward to going to big events because we get to catch up with old friends. Our friend’s Kim and Anton are the coolest and most awesome bunch of Gen Y leaders in our industry. We live in different states and often when we are at major events, we are often busy with our team that we rarely get a moment to hang out.

But I’m so glad we managed to connect and I had a moment to take this picture with them. It’s a reminder of what awesome people we have in our lives and we would have not met them until being part of this community.

We are all Gen Y Leaders working towards bringing a new online retail brand to Australia and with it comes comes personal and professional growth towards a common goal.

“When we long for a life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” – Peter Marshall

I’m so happy and grateful, we have so many amazing young, vibrant, humble and disruptive entrepreneurs we can share our journey with. I look forward to supporting each other grow and develop in what is said I believe will be our best year yet!

Mini Diamond Merly

Merly x